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I am familiar with the codes but I am a little confused on what is required and when.
I have created a short, easy to read field guide with a one page chart at the end to make this easy. Click on this link, “Davis Field Guide” download or print a copy for your convenience.

Do you have a climate zone chart?
Click here to go to the energy commission’s website so you can search by city or zip code.  Be aware, some cities are in two climate zones so part of the town or city may require no testing and just across the street testing is required.  The best example is the Glen Cove area in Vallejo.  It is located in climate zone 12 which requires testing but west of that area in Vallejo is climate zone 3 and no testing is required.  You can also download the climate zone layer for Google earth from the energy commission’s website.  If you have any questions, just give me a quick call.

Can you clear up the confusion with all the forms?
The field guide above explains all the possible forms that are required and explains what forms need to be registered. A simple overview is this:

  • CF-1R - Certificate of Compliance.  This is required for the enforcement agency (building department) to issue a permit. You may handwrite this form to pull a permit but it will have to be registered by final inspection.
  • CF-6R - Certificate of Installation.  There are several of these forms depending on what was installed and what testing is required.  If you do your own testing, you will create these documents on a certified registry either from CalCERTS or the CBPCA
  • CF-4R - Certificate of Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing.  There are several of these forms depending on what was installed and what testing is required.  This is completed by the HERS rater.

How do I complete these forms on a Registry?
That may require a phone call together.  Let’s assume this is concerning an existing home that you have installed some or part of a heating or cooling system.  To start, you can logon to the respective website to begin the process of being able to access their registry.

For CBPCA click on Use of the CBPCA HERS Registry is restricted to members. To fill out an application to become a member of the CBPCA HERS Providership, please Click here!

For CalCERTS click on the CF-1R ALT HVAC Registration. Follow the instructions.

What do I do I do after I have registered on their website?
Call me. I’ll let you know how the process goes after that. I recommend you start this process early.  Depending on what you are doing, you can call me and I can recommend one of the registries over the other.

What about new construction or non-residential testing?
Please just call me and I will be glad to help

I have some additional questions.  Should I email you or can I call you?

Either way is good for me. I can’t answer every possible question here. I want you to be confident about the process and results.  If you email me at Rater@HVACrater.com please include your phone number in case your question requires more than a quick response. My phone number is 925-864-5668.  I appreciate the opportunity to help. This is a confusing process and saving energy and money is the ultimate goal. And the all important customer satisfaction!


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PDF for HERS duct test

PDF for Title 24 Energy Code

PDF for Title 24 Energy Code
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