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We are all about optimizing your home performance:

  • Save money—-reduce your energy costs
  • Improve the health and safety of your home
  • Increase your personal comfort
  • Extend the longevity of your building
  • Extend the longevity of your appliances
  • Lower electrical demand and your carbon footprint
  • Increase the value of your home

When it comes to Home Performance, we don’t guess...WE TEST!


Blower Door

A blower door test measures air leakage out of and into your home. A leaky house is draftier, uncomfortable and uses more energy. Leaky homes impact indoor air quality and the ability to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. By depressurizing your house using a blower door, we can measure air leakage in the house’s shell and identify leakage spots. (Check out YouTube below)


Duct Blaster

A duct blaster is similar to a blower door in that it measures leakage in your duct system. Ducts leak---and leaky ducts can waste up to 30% (or more) of your heating and cooling costs and cause pressure changes in your home contributing to unconditioned air infiltration/exfiltration. (See Below)


Infrared Camera

Tells the “truth” behind the walls.

When used with a blower door, an infrared camera can identify where insulation is missing or installed improperly. Thermography can measure temperature differences on surfaces and locate problem areas from air infiltration and moisture penetration (e.g., walls and ceilings).

  • California Title 24 Duct Testing
  • HVAC Air Duct/Refrigerant
    Verification testing
    and Certification Services
  • Documentation Support
  • Residential / Commercial
    HVAC Consulting
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PDF for HERS duct test

PDF for Title 24 Energy Code

PDF for Title 24 Energy Code
Industry News
Effective January 1st 2010, California contractors in climate zones 2, and 9 through 16, will be required to do duct sealing when changing out HVAC equipment in existing residential buildings ... [read more...]
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